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Five (5) volunteers and one US Forest Service staff participated in a multi-workday project at Highland Lakes off of Highway 4. This 4 day project consisted of tree removal inside of wilderness (Carson-Iceberg) of down trees including the Upper Gardner Meadow area and the Tyron/Milk Ranch Meadow area. Additionally, multiple hazard trees were felled by the US Forest Service (Evan Watson) and bucked to serve as various barriers to prevent access to meadows and or restricted areas in the campsites at Upper Highland Lake. The volunteer team was led by Sherri Elliott with Craig Fish, Dick Chimenti, Matt Hilder and […]

Congratulations and Thanks

Members of SWV have participated in getting certified as sawyers in chainsaw and or crosscut. The new program for chainsaw and crosscut, administered by the US Forest Service and presented and evaluated by Dave Moser for both certifications, was held over the past 4 weeks. For Chainsaw, Craig Fish is certified as a "B Sawyer". Jeff Hawley is recertified as a B Sawyer for chainsaw. For Crosscut Saw, the following are newly certified as "B Sawyers": Craig Fish Joe Canvaness Dimiti Nechayev Jeff Hawley is recertified as a B Sawyer for crosscut saw. Many thanks to Dave Moser who orchestrated […]

Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers Multi-Day Project Highland Lakes June 23rd-26th

Hello SWV Volunteers and Interested Parties: SWV will be managing a multi-day project on June 23-26 on the Highway 4 side of the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness with the staging area at Highland Lakes campground. We welcome any volunteers for either a single day or for multiple days. The primary work will be trail clearing both outside and inside the wilderness boundary. We will be joined by the US Forest Service staff for part or even all of the event. What: Trail clearing consisting of removing down trees and debris from the campground and four trails leading out of the campground. This […]