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Gentle Use During Trying Times – A Reflection (Dave Salzer, SWV)

There is an understood need to escape. The COVID surcharge taxing our physical and mental health is significant and increasing. So, in larger and larger numbers, we answer the call articulated by John Muir, and to the mountains we go! The latter, in itself, is a good thing. No doubt the outdoors offers the immediate and enduring correction to the mounting strain and the compiled stress placed on us at home, school, and work. I’d argue that unlike ice cream, Cabernet, binge watching favorite TV series, among other comforting compensations…going outside is purely restorative and beyond the old criticism of […]

Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers and COVID-19

Stanislaus Wilderness Volunteers (SWV) in concert with the US Forest Service works to accomplish projects within the forest such as campsite restoration, trail maintenance, trash removal, signage projects and noxious weed removal. Another important component of SWV’s mission is to provide education on Leave No Trace (LNT) priniciples to assist visitors in minimizing their impact on pristine wilderness adopt best practices to preserve this valuable resource. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how volunteers and Forest Service staff work — whether providing Leave No Trace (LNT) information at the Summit Ranger Station or working in the field.  The Forest Order restricting […]